Autumn Explosion! Posted on 19 Apr 17:16

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

 We couldn’t agree more! Although we here at The Bead Shop love many things about autumn, including mulled cider, cool & crisp evenings (perfect for snuggly sweaters), and little kids in Halloween costumes, one of our favorite aspects of autumn is the explosion of color. Whether it’s an abundance apples in an orchard, or the amazing variety of vibrant leaves you can see at this time of year all around Queenstown and Arrowtown as well as crunching beneath our feet, those autumn hues are everywhere, and we just can’t get enough!

We have chosen a few of our favourite jewellery projects and color palettes to share this wonderful colour that nature does herself, every year … Enjoy!!




We like to think there are certain places in your neighborhood you like to go where you enjoy warm feelings of familiarity and community: the local grocery store, your favorite restaurant, the park on the corner. Chances are, whenever you go, you see people you know and chat with them about recent vacations, how your families are doing, or even just about the lovely weather. The conversations you have are probably nothing major, but you enjoy connecting with these people and look forward to visiting these places because of the friendly interactions you know you will experience.



Here at The Bead Shop we feel that building a community within the shop is one of the most important aspects of our business. We are proud to foster an environment where folks can not only enjoy all of the sparkly beads we have to offer (although, we must admit, that’s one of the best parts!), but also enjoy an oasis in which to be creative and converse with other people who share a passion for artistic endeavors.



The Bead Shop is a cheery, colourful space, where we have a genuine appreciation of our customers, no matter how regularly you come in, how long you stay, or whether or not you make anything, you keep the business growing and the creative sparkle alive.



Our customers’ words of gratitude mean a lot to us, and it feels wonderful to know that our efforts to be a welcoming store within the Queenstown community have not gone unnoticed.

We hold regular events and parties at The Bead Shop or just as easily in your home or event centre. So should you wish to use us for weddings, parties, school holiday programmes and the like please get in touch and we will do our best to fit in with your plans and have a fun filled creative time.

Otherwise we are open every day to fix, create, design, talk and enjoy your ideas and beading stories!!


A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! Posted on 15 Dec 06:47

From all of us at The Bead Shop Queenstown.. we would like to say a huge thank you  to all who have supported us through 2015.  

Just remember as you fly through the next few days, Christmas is about time… time with friends and family, time for those not so fortunate, time for you!  Be creatively simple, be happy and safe and have fun!  These are moments to treasure.

Ali,  Kris,  Eliott and I look forward to seeing you in 2016 .. make it your creative year,

~ dig out the broken jewellery and fix it.

~ learn how to make something new!

~ give the gift of time and make something gorgeous for someone special!

Enjoy your holiday .. be safe .. AND  A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!




GORGEOUS BIRTHSTONES Posted on 21 Nov 12:41


It’s hard to go wrong with birthstones, as long as you know the recipient’s birthday. (That’s what the Birthday Reminder app on Facebook is for!)

If you do a quick search online, you will find there are different birthstone charts you can use as references, varying from classic, to modern, to zodiac-sign-related.

Try making a necklace or bracelet and include birthstones of spouses, children, or maybe just yours and theirs — the perfect very special and personalized gift!

We do have a great supply of semi precious beads .. here are some ideas we have made!



Mookite is a stone of the "here and now." It can help one balance the internal and external and acceptance of change. It is particulary good as an emotional protector. It can stabilize health and fortify the immune system.




Labradorite Awakens the inner you. Facilitates learning, helps you to see reality. Chrysopase: Encourages hope and joy.  Clarifies problems and has been used as a cure for restlessness.




Carnelian is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. It is also a stone of protectio from anger, jealousy and fear. Brings good luck and ease sorrow.

Citrene The healing quartz. Creates vitality authority and power. Supports mental clarity, success confidence and hope.          




(K) NOT YOUR AVERAGE JEWELLERY! Posted on 10 Oct 21:31

The technique of knotting between beads (most often pearls) has been used practically since the dawn of jewelry-making; not only does it provide attractive spacing and prevent beads from rubbing up against one another, but it also prevents more than one bead from getting lost if/when the jewelry pieces breaks. We love adding knots to the jewelry we create here at The Bead Shop, and we are always intrigued by the incredibly unique (and often amazingly complex) jewelry designs people can come up with by using just a few well-placed knots! We can teach you how to knot here at the shop, not only decorative knots, but functional knots as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to knotting, and we wanted to share a few of our favorite knot-based designs with you.

We are always in awe of those who create intricate, lace-like micro-macrame designs like these two below... Gorgeous! Photo courtesy of!




These techniques below are used and created at The Bead Shop .        






Handy hints Posted on 23 Sep 00:00

Sparkle Plenty: Helpful tips for cleaning & caring for your jewelry

If you’re anything like us at The Bead Shop Queenstown, you always want your jewelry to look its best. Sometimes that means giving your favourite pieces some much-needed TLC, either in the form of cleaning or polishing your jewelry. Below are some DIY methods for cleaning various types of jewelry.

Jewelry cleaning disclaimer: Always take any pieces you are unsure of to a jewelry expert first. Also, please read the recommendations carefully, because certain methods should not be used on certain types of jewelry.

For sterling silver jewelry with no stones or beads:

Make a small bowl out of aluminum foil (shiny side up) and lay out silver jewelry on the foil. Sprinkle about 1 tbsp baking soda on top of the item(s), then pour approximately 2 cups of boiling water over the baking soda. Move the jewelry around slightly to release any dirt. Let the piece(s) soak for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.


For solid gold jewelry with no stones or beads:

Pour a small amount of light beer (Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, etc.) on a non-abrasive cloth and gently rub where dirt/tarnish is obvious. Wipe off any moisture with a dry, soft cloth. The beer’s natural acids help bring back the shine — who knew?


For costume jewelry (or any other jewelry that is made of unknown metal):

DO NOT submerge the jewelry in water; depending on the metal your jewelry is made of, this could seriously damage your piece. So when in doubt, don’t!

  • For any painted jewelry, spray a little vinegar on a soft cloth. It’s less abrasive for rhinestones, so won’t remove the paint.


          GREEN SPOTS?

  • Do you see green spots on the clip components of your earrings, on the pin backs of your vintage brooches, etc.? That’s verdigris, which is a green or bluish deposit formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces that have been exposed to continuous humidity and/or sea air. If you see this on your jewelry, make sure that you get the “infected” pieces away from everything else in your collection before it spreads to your other pieces. Brass and copper are especially susceptible, especially if they’re unfinished or sealant-free.
  • To remove existing verdigris, soak a paper towel or cotton pad in vinegar and simply wrap the clip/pin the brooch around it. Let the item sit for at least 15 minutes, then wipe off the green spots. Vinegar-soaked Q-tips can help you get the hard-to-reach parts.



One safe method to spruce up any kind of jewelry (including pieces with pearls, gemstones, or any other delicate element or embellishment) is to polish it with a polishing cloth. Gentle on all metals and stones, polishing cloths can be used repeatedly until they’re worn to shreds. You may have to use some serious elbow grease to see results, and not all metals may end up shining up like they were when they were new, but it’s worth a shot!


The no No NO!!

One cleaning material NOT to use on any type of jewelry: toothpaste. Many folks incorrectly use toothpaste as a way to clean tarnished jewellery. However handy it may be, jewellery experts say that toothpaste should NOT be used to clean jewelry because it contains ingredients that are very abrasive. This is especially true of silver-plated items, because the toothpaste can damage the silver plating and expose the other metal underneath, leading to eventual corrosion.

Hope this has been useful … summer is on it's way, so give your jewellery a spring clean and enjoy wearing the old favorites with a new shine!







First Post .. Welcome Posted on 12 Sep 12:51

Welcome to ~ ~ first blog, a newsy extension to our gorgeous shop in Queenstown NZ.  Hopefully it will become a creative & inspiring place to dig through a treasure trove of fun beading facts, helpful tips and sources of inspiration.

This is very exciting and I am looking forward to a journey of jewelry-making with you!

The Bead Shop Queenstown is an oasis where beaders of all levels — budding beaders, beading masters and everyone in between — can come to get ideas, ask questions and (of course) make beautiful jewelry, all within a fun, relaxing, make-and-create environment. We hope this blog can be an extension of our retail store, located on the edge of downtown Queenstown.

Even if you can’t bead with us in person, we would love to have you bead with us via the web! We’ll be posting project ideas, the newest trends and — naturally — LOTS of beads.
Please feel free to post some of your own fave designs, beads & pieces
you find inspiring, and whatever else your bead-ing heart desires!

Thanks for reading, and remember to always bead boldly!


Lee, Ali,  Eliott and Jess