(K) NOT YOUR AVERAGE JEWELLERY! Posted on 10 Oct 21:31

The technique of knotting between beads (most often pearls) has been used practically since the dawn of jewelry-making; not only does it provide attractive spacing and prevent beads from rubbing up against one another, but it also prevents more than one bead from getting lost if/when the jewelry pieces breaks. We love adding knots to the jewelry we create here at The Bead Shop, and we are always intrigued by the incredibly unique (and often amazingly complex) jewelry designs people can come up with by using just a few well-placed knots! We can teach you how to knot here at the shop, not only decorative knots, but functional knots as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to knotting, and we wanted to share a few of our favorite knot-based designs with you.

We are always in awe of those who create intricate, lace-like micro-macrame designs like these two below... Gorgeous! Photo courtesy of http://www.thebeadingyogini.com!




These techniques below are used and created at The Bead Shop .