We like to think there are certain places in your neighborhood you like to go where you enjoy warm feelings of familiarity and community: the local grocery store, your favorite restaurant, the park on the corner. Chances are, whenever you go, you see people you know and chat with them about recent vacations, how your families are doing, or even just about the lovely weather. The conversations you have are probably nothing major, but you enjoy connecting with these people and look forward to visiting these places because of the friendly interactions you know you will experience.



Here at The Bead Shop we feel that building a community within the shop is one of the most important aspects of our business. We are proud to foster an environment where folks can not only enjoy all of the sparkly beads we have to offer (although, we must admit, that’s one of the best parts!), but also enjoy an oasis in which to be creative and converse with other people who share a passion for artistic endeavors.



The Bead Shop is a cheery, colourful space, where we have a genuine appreciation of our customers, no matter how regularly you come in, how long you stay, or whether or not you make anything, you keep the business growing and the creative sparkle alive.



Our customers’ words of gratitude mean a lot to us, and it feels wonderful to know that our efforts to be a welcoming store within the Queenstown community have not gone unnoticed.

We hold regular events and parties at The Bead Shop or just as easily in your home or event centre. So should you wish to use us for weddings, parties, school holiday programmes and the like please get in touch and we will do our best to fit in with your plans and have a fun filled creative time.

Otherwise we are open every day to fix, create, design, talk and enjoy your ideas and beading stories!!